We Stand Behind These 6 Advantages

Our Unique Heritage – A Craft of Over 5,000 Years


Jewelry making in the land which makes up today’s Turkey has been passed on from the Hittites to the Urartians, Greeks, Romans, Armenians, and Ottomans since 3000 B.C.  We have taken this valuable past and have combined it with the latest technology, outstanding craftsmanship, and competitive prices.  We are in the enviable position to readily meet our demanding international customers and partners with perfection.

Immense Variety – Endless Choices


We are constantly creating new models and improving on our designs.  We stock thousands of items at once.  In addition, we have the capacity to meet any demand with a vast array of choice while also keeping our stock availability up to date and transparent. 

Flexible Production


Do you want a bespoke piece or one of a kind design?  Is customized jewelry your desire?  If so, we can produce any model or design in any amount with great craftsmanship and high quality.

Excellent Finishing – Unmatched Quality


Turkey today for jewelry making is what Switzerland is to watchmaking.  We are well-known in the international jewelry market for our unparalleled quality.  When you buy a product from GrandBazaarJewelers.com, it is clear that you are not buying a product made in a factory in China.  Not only are we producing innovative, computerized designs, but we are also using the hand crafting techniques such as niello (savat), wickerwork (hasir), filigree (telkari), and midyat.  These skills are unique to our jewelry and give our jewelry a finish that shows impeccable quality.  

Competitive Prices – Enjoy the Advantage


Turkey is one of the largest jewelry exporting countries in the world.  Turkey confidently boasts having over 300 million customers worldwide and giving them unbeatable prices.

Shortest Delivery Time

We are constantly working to ever improve our turnaround times while still meeting our quality standards.  If an item is not in stock, we can currently make most pieces in under two weeks. 


Maureen Gumus is a writer, editor, jewelry enthusiast, and world traveler.Originally from the U.S., Maureen is proud to call Istanbul her home - one that she shares with her master jeweler husband, Nurhan, and their cat, Mink.

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