Turkey, where east meets west

Grand Bazaar Jewelers is the industry trend setter.

Going back generations, Grandbazaarjewelers.com is a jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler of gold, 925 sterling silver and gemstone jewelry by artisans in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer fine, handcrafted pieces that are chic and timeless.


What makes our business unique is that we actually are the first company to offer a substantial part of Istanbul’s famed jewelry market online, in an organized manner, and with efficient reorder capabilities. Our goal, which we are passionately pursuing, is to turn Istanbul’s market into a virtual Amazon.com-like warehouse. We sell and ship worldwide with free shipping.

Turkey, as a crossroads between the Eastern and Western worlds, is known by all as one of the largest jewelry design, manufacturing centers, and markets – bringing together different cultures and religions to create unique, statement jewelry. Grand Bazaar Jewelers is the industry trend setter.

Meet GBJ

Nurhan Gumus

You can say Nurhan was destined for the jewelry business from birth. Nurhan’s Great-Grandfather on his father’s side, Nishan Terdzakian, owned a jewelry store in the most prestigious quarter of the Grand Bazaar called Iç Bedestan. Due to political events that targeted minority populations in what was the Ottoman Empire, it is difficult to know prior to Nishan’s time what exact trades the family were in. However, it is safe to assume, even well before Nishan’s time, Nurhan’s ancestors were involved in the business for trades in Armenian culture are typically passed down through the family.

On the other side of the family, Nurhan’s uncle, Masis, apprenticed in the Grand Bazaar. He in turn apprenticed Nurhan beginning when he was just 11 years old. Masis decided to immigrate to the USA in the late 1970s and turned a few hundred dollars into a multi-million dollar jewelry manufacturing and retail business. Like many first generation immigrants to the United States, Nurhan was expected to work in the family business. Nurhan would come after school to the business to learn his craft and by 16 was the youngest recipent of the People’s Choice Award at the Las Vegas International Jewelry Show. By 17, he was overseeing the jewelry manufacturing for over 40 businesses and designers.

On a visit back to Istanbul, Nurhan saw a huge opportunity for a jewelry business that is not possible in the States. His passion is to continue developing the old techniques the Grand Bazaar’s master jewelers are known for. He realized that with his American business experience and complete jewelry manufacturing expertise, the possibilities for jewelry creativity in Istanbul are endless.

Masis and Nurhan, 1981
September 16

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